To be strategic partners of organizations and businessmen who see our assessment and professional consultancy as a way of achieving their goals.


To support organizations dedicated to the international commerce and/or logistics in key areas of their management, so that they can develop their business and maximize benefits; providing harmonious and specific solutions to the needs of our clients according to standards of international quality.


Ethic, commitment and honesty guide our path. We seek excellence in what we do, based on training and continuous improvement. We have a clear customer and results orientation, in which proactivity, creativity , initiative and dynamism are the key tools for the achievement of our vision.

The family and the passion for what we do motivate us to excel every day.

An Investment

The resources applied in our assessment and consultancy hours constitute an investment, which should more than self-finance with the efficiency to be achieved by our clients. Its return is associated to the following results, among others:

  • Increase of the time that the entrepreneur has to develop his business.
  • Identification of the potential problem situations and their solutions.
  • Training of the board of directors and managers.
  • The necessary information to undertake new projects.
  • Maximization of results and reduction of risks.
  • In general, achievement of the necessary profitability and liquidity to allow the company to transcend in time.

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